7 Smart Techniques to Promote PODCAST

Are you a podcaster and want to build an audience? Do you want to know the fastest ways to do so?

Promoting your podcast online is similar to marketing blogs or any other item on the internet. Use the available tools and resources to increase your fan base. You do not need a big advertising budget for promoting the podcast. Today on Gear Track, let us look at seven inexpensive ways to promote your product for free.

promote podcast

  1. Blog

Launch a website related to your podcast. Make sure that your blog is SEO optimised so that your potential audience discover you on search engines.

Another good approach is to promote your podcast is with other bloggers. Search writers who share the related content, engage and upload your podcast. This is just like promotion any app or service.

For example, Showbox app is a great platform for watching films. The program can be put on iOS by this Showbox for iPad tutorial.

  1. Advertisement

Facebook sidebar ads are the simplest method for starting out. But you need to have a fan page for this, so get one.Google AdWords is another approach which is expensive but effective.

  1. Podcast Directories

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the key factor for getting a good ranking. People search Google for favourite podcasts. If your podcast has good keyword ranking, people will find your show while searching for others. Submit your show to iTunes, Podcast Alley, Sticher Radio and so on. Podcast Directories are not 100% efficient but provide back-linking for SEO.

  1. Be different and Original

There are more than ten thousands of podcasts all over the internet. So think for some remarkable gimmicks that will leave people amazed.Ask few questions to yourself. Do you have a unique idea? Are you sharing the unique content? Make memorable shows and they will remember you.

  1. Press releases

Press releases are suitable for direct exposure. You will have to pay for a press release about your services; it is the most efficient and simple method to promote your podcast.

  1. E-mail

You can take advantage of free tool Mail Chimp. Create a list for collecting e-mail addresses. Cache people who take interest to opt-in the email content. Provide incentive to the people who are signing up. It is a kind of prize that visitors will receive when they sign up.

  1. Social Media Networks

It creates possibilities to spread your content for this go to those who know you and might be willing to share your content with their networks. Use Twitter for getting followers faster and Facebook to interact with your fans. Drive your followers from Twitter to your Facebook fan page so that you can interact with them, you can also share the links to your latest shows here.

Best Way To Explore Crunchyroll App On Android/iOS

Here you will wonder with the movie streaming application that is Crunchyroll; it will avail tons of movies and TV shows to entertain movie freaks, and it’s users.

Crunchyroll App

If you want to watch the latest collection of films, then you must install Crunchyroll app on your Android and iPhone gadget with our given guidelines. Even you can download all your favorite free entertainment stuff without any cost, and you can watch downloaded buff whenever you are free. They are also giving this Crunchyroll for PC also.

Crunchyroll App Amusements

  • It has decent UI and design to explore it on your Android device to entertain you and your family.
  • You can share the experience with your folks on social media via WiFi.
  • Download all your favorite latest movies and TV shows instantly.
  • You can alter video quality accordant to your device compatibility.
  • It doesn’t need any agreement to use Crunchyroll.
  • It doesn’t require any sign-up or login details to watch movies and shows. You can also see similar apps like Crunchyroll for Android.

Crunchyroll has been working relentlessly from its launch without any problems. And, it is present on the Google Play store so you can install the Crunchyroll app officially. To get this embellishing app, you need to download the latest version of Crunchyroll Apk file from the given link if you couldn’t find the right one from the web so along with the given link.

Crunchyroll app was available to all tech platforms like Android and iOS devices to stream the movies and cartoons, shows and many such activities. We have much more such apps available in the media market, but few are working well to stream the latest entertainment content. Here we have list apps to stream movies those are Netflix, Hulu etc.

Crunchyroll App Installation

  • Download the latest version of Crunchyroll Apk files from the above link.
  • Alter few settings in your android device Settings>> Security >> Enable Unknown Source.
  • It will allow third-party apps to install on your Android device.
  • Just double tap on the Crunchyroll Apk file to install.
  • Follow your device screen to install the Crunchyroll app.