Stolen Gear?

Stolen Gear?

Has someone stolen your guitar? Did you experience theft of your bassoon? Maybe your synthesizer or effects pedals or drum kit was taken from last night's gig?

GearTrack knows your pain. We're an online instrument registry designed to deter instrument theft and aid in the recovery of stolen music equipment.

Register your stolen instruments for free with us and we'll help you on the road to recovery. Keep reading to find valuable tips on what you can do NOW to recover your music equipment as soon as possible.

Check Out Just SOME of what GearTrack will do for you:

  • Stolen item listings are posted to Twitter and Facebook
  • ANYONE (including used retailers/pawn shops) can search GT for stolen instruments
  • We send out Stolen Gear Newsletters (spreading the word to pawn shops & used retailers)
  • Registered users can contact you directly about your gear

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What Else Can I Do?

Read on below for some tips to recovery your baby(ies).

File A Police Report
While local law enforcement may not make the same effort as you at finding your stolen instrument, having your theft on file with them is crucial when you (hopefully) locate your instrument and need to recover it. (You can detail your case number and any other information you have on your item listing on GearTrack.)

Take Advantage of Police Resources
Check into local police blotters, newsletters, and forums - While dealing with the police, ask if they send any email newsletters with crime info, publish a crime blotter, participate in crime maps online, and more.

Reach Out To Local Used Retailers
Contact local pawn shops and instrument resale shops: By most counts, this is probably your number one line of defense, and the sooner the better. A quick flyer with any information regarding your gear should be dropped at all the local resale establishments. (You can quickly share your GearTrack item listing via e-mail, link, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.)

Ask Your Community For Help
Contact any local community driven listservs or crime newsletters. Larger cities typically have neighborhood specific listservs. Some also have crime specific listservs that list crime details. Get all your photos, serial numbers and a way to contact you to these folks. (GearTrack's item listings allow you to keep this info all in one place.) Spread the word.

Monitor Used Retailers Online
Search eBay and Craigslist. If you find your instrument, contact the site as it’s permitted and also notify the police. It is not advised that you try to purchase your gear back or otherwise recover it on your own. Check out these policies for more details:

Get Your Friends & Family Onboard
Notify friends & family in your online social networks: these people care almost as much about your stuff as you do, and the more eyeballs on your story and gear the better. (Again, easily share your listing on GearTrack with just a couple of clicks.)

Participate In Online Forums and Classifieds
The users in online forums are just as passionate as you about your instrument. Users often will keep an eye out for you if you ask. Check out some of our links to some great forums and existing stolen instrument registries.

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